The Vernon Pickleball Association operates with the generous time and energy of our volunteers and working committees.

2018/2019 Season

Bylaws Committee: Chair (soon to become Governance Committee) – vacant
This committee will review the VPA Bylaws and VPA Society, and make changes where necessary to serve the ongoing needs of a growing organization.

Concerns and Complaints Committee: Chair – vacant
This committee provides a means for members to express concerns or a complaint and expect that the issue will be dealt with in a fair and respectful manner, and lead to a meaningful and positive resolution for all concerned. Any serious issues would be referred to the Board for further action.

Fundraising Committee: Chair – vacant
This is an ongoing commitment to ensure our dedicated courts are maintained. This can include grant applications, silent auctions, seeking out sponsors, 50/50 draws, raffles, etc.

Host Coordinator/ Scheduler: Chairvacant (URGENT)
This chair is responsible for training and scheduling hosts for the upcoming sessions (Indoor for September-December and January to April, and Outdoor for May to August). They will provide hosts with the necessary materials for hosting, like keys, sign up sheets, playing format, boards, ref boxes, etc. They will also monitor and replace hosts when necessary, although hosts are encouraged to find their own replacements. They will address concerns or refer them to the Board.

Pickleball Canada Organization Liaison: Bruce Simpson

Scheduling Committee: Chair – vacant
The purpose of this committee is to determine and schedule upcoming indoor and outdoor sessions which meet the goals of the VPA – a balance of competitive and light recreational sessions.

Social Committee: Chair – Donna Irving
We know that playing pickleball is a lot of fun, but so are other events which can be combined with pickleball, or held separately, such as a dance, BBQ, dinner, etc. This greatly enhances the social aspect of our association.

Tournaments Committee: Chair – vacant
To organize and coordinate VPA and City of Vernon tournaments.

Training and Education Committee: Chair – vacant
The purpose of this committee is to meet the goal of promoting and developing the game of Pickleball in the Greater Vernon area as a fun, recreational, and competitive sport for all age groups by:

  • developing community awareness strategies for the game of pickelball
  • providing clinics to develop pickleball skill techniques and game tactics for all levels of play June to August, November/December, and February/March
  • provide assessment and evaluation clinics if required
  • provide referral clinics prior to all upcoming tournaments