Guest Players

VPA Guest Policy

Invited guests are welcome at VPA organized play on a drop-in, space available basis. Guests must meet the session prerequisites i.e. have taken pickleball lessons or have sufficient pickleball experience. If there is a skill prerequisite for the chosen session, guests need to have the appropriate ratings. There may be some sessions, perhaps a multi-week ladder, which are not suitable for drop-in guests. The session description on Sign-up Genius will specify if guests are not permitted.

Pickleball players without a prior invite from a VPA member may drop-in to a VPA session and request an invitation from one of the Hosts.

Prior to attending, guests can access VPA Sign-up Genius to determine if space is likely available, however, they do not have the option of booking on Sign-up Genius. Pre-booking on Sign-up Genius is a member-only privilege. Sign-up Genius shows the number of spaces available.

All guests need to check in with the session hosts to confirm their invitation and skill level, sign a liability waiver and pay the drop-in fee.

Twice per month, VPA members can use Sign-up Genius 2 days in advance to register up to 2 guests. The same guest should not be registered in advance by more than one VPA member to circumvent the early sign-up limit of twice per month.

VPA members are not permitted to invite a guest who has been refused VPA membership or a member whose VPA membership is suspended. It is the VPA member’s responsibility to screen players for the experience and skill prerequisites before extending an invitation.

A guest may only play in one VPA session per day.

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