Raise the Roof

Wow – the Raise the Roof Campaign has been accomplished!  Our generous and supportive membership has turned all their pledges into contributions that total $1,226,786.  The roof is going up over the OWA Pickleball Complex.  We now have the funds needed to complete the full project.  The score is 10 – 4 – 1 and we just need that last point along with a small dose of patience.

Many, many thanks for all the VPA membership for their contributions and support. The initial vision of year round dedicated pickleball courts in Vernon will be a reality very soon with an early 2021 operational date anticipated.

The steel truss & fabric covered building will have heat and ventilation to produce a fabulous pickleball environment through out the year.  It is time to get excited pickleball players!

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Project Update December 17th

As of this afternoon, all of the roof trusses are up and the last of the roof fabric was installed.  Another milestone event!  Technically we have “Raised the Roof”!  Now we just need a few not so minor finishing touches.
The Rennie crew will be working 3 days next week and expect to get the fabric on the two long sides.  They plan on installing the fabric on the gable ends during the first week of Jan.
Last Saturday VPA crew started on the huge electrical task and  they will continue on that task this Saturday and over the holidays.  Lots of brackets, conduit and junction boxes to be installed before any wire can be pulled.

Project Update December 9th

Getting closer to being fully covered

Project Update December 2nd

Good weather for great progress; 90 feet of 230 feet up and covered.  Keep up your dry weather & sun dances!

Project Update November 24th

The roof is starting to take shape

Project Update November 23th

Chilly day to be standing around watching the first trusses go up….so in case you missed it, here are some more amazing photos of just what it’s going to take to Raise the Roof of the Okanagan Wealth Advisors – HollisWealth Pickleball Complex. Big thanks to our in house construction crew!

Project Update November 20th

The first piece of the puzzle has been installed

Project Update November 18th

The Crane has arrived!! Time to get the roof up on the Okanagan Wealth Advisors Pickleball Complex. Thanks to Doug Hoover for the Photos.

Project Update November 10th

This enclosure project is a lot like pickleball, we have to develop patience!!  Another week has gone by and still no trusses rising to the sky.  But that does not mean no progress.  The Rennie Equipment crew partially assembled 7 trusses last week and they are stacked on the grass along the soccer building.  Another truck load of parts arrived today but it did not contain the parts needed for the next assembly step.  We now have 7 trucks loads.  Originally we expected 7 trucks but that number changed to 9 trucks.  So (we are told) the remaining two trucks should be here within a week.  Perhaps?

Good progress was made positioning the washroom trailer into it’s final resting place.  It was a lot of wiggling and jiggling to get it just right.  When enclosed it will allow you easy and level entry while protected from the elements.  We think someone may have ordered heated toilet seats too?  Not sure.
With the never ending trucking delays, the operational date forecast has been amended to 1 Feb 2021. 


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